Guide 10 Island Swimrun

We hope as many as possible comes out, watch and cheers as the racers in 10 Island Swimrun get themselfs from Hälsö to Hönö by running and swimming. Just enjoy a picnic and have a nice day outdoor while you watch them going through this challenge. If you trying to find where the racers are, see the program below or see their intermediate times on our website ( Three live interval times register as participants pass, so you can follow their progress.

Finish line in Hönö Klåva - be there in time! All swimrunners jump in next to "Vajerboa" on the harbor plan and swim out to Långholmen. They then run out onto the pier, swim over and climb up by Tullhuset restaurant and the Fishery Museum, before sprinting to the finish line at Hotel Trubaduren's outdoor bar.

This year there is SEK 10,000 in prize money for the winner - so expect a fierce and fast race!

Different colors on BIB and swimcap

Why are there different colors on the contestants? They compete in different classes!


10 Island Classic (20km)

Black vest - red swim cap - Elite / Race class, who is the fastest swimrunner in Sweden?
Black vest - blue swim cap - Open race class, our biggest group of swimrunners
Police vest - blue swim cap - Swedish Police Swimrun Championship
Camoflage vest - blue swim cap - 10 Island Military Swimrun 20K

10 Island 10K (10km)

Orange vest - gray swim cap - Our sprint class and a sound choice for anyone doing swimrun for the first time
Camoflage - black swim caps - 10 Island Military Swimrun 10K

Schedule and who is where estimation

The time estimations are our best guesses as to where the fastest racers can be when, but wind, waves and rain-soaked cliffs can have a big impact on how correct these predictions will be

07:30 Hotell Trubaduren opens for breakfast, their bar with excellent view over the Hönö harbor is open all day
11:00 Start 10 Island Swimrun 20K, Classic, Hälsö hamn
11:55ca Flauet, Hjälvik, Öckerö, water station
12.00ca Brevik, Öckerö, swim leg with a great view from the pier.
12.10ca Jakobs bratt, south Öckerö and the swim to Hönö
12:30 Start 10 Island Swimrun 10K, Hjälvik beach
12.50ca Sandviken, Energy/Water station, long swim to Lapposand
13.00ca First swimrunners in harbor basin Hönö Klåva
13.10ca Winner over the finish line at Hotell Trubaduren
15:00 Award Ceremony at Hotell Trubaduren
16:00 Last chance to cross the finish line (Cut off)
16:01 After Race Party at Hotel Trubaduren for everybody!

Cut off times
13:30 Hjälvi Beach Öckerö
15:00 Sandviken, Hönö
16:00 Finish Line cut off

The Course

Below you find a map of the race course and recommended sites from where to see the swimrunners from



We recommend the following places as extra good places to see the race:
- Both starting areas on Hälsö and Hjälvi
- The swim outside Brevik marina, great view from the pier
- Swim between Öckerö and Hönö, especially from the cliffs on south Öckerö

There is great fun and action when the swimrunners finish by swimming over the harbor in Hönö Klåva over to Långholmen, followed by the sprint to the finish at Hotel Trubaduren. Be well in time and think about parking some distance away. Parking outside Hotel Trubaduren is closed Friday to Saturday.


Please share all fun pictures you take during the day!

You can upload to, use the hashtag #10islandswimrun on both Instagram and Twitter (@10islandswimrun).

See 10 Island Swimrun from the islands

See the map and find out where the competitors are passing. We have marked places where you can have a good view. There is limited parking on the islands so we recommend that you bike to get around. An easy way is to take bus 290 or the Red Express (takes about 45 min) from the central to Hönö Pinan or bus 291 directly to Hönö Klåva.

If you have questions about accommodation or other questions around the islands, please contact Öckerö Tourist Office at or 031-97 67 00.

Around 13.00 the competitors begin to come to Hönö Klåva. There is plenty of space on quays and outdoor dining to see the end sprints, jumps in the harbor and swimming.

See 10 Island Swimrun from the sea

10 Island Swimrun is excellent to follow from the islands. The Start of 20k in Hälsö harbor, ferry terminal on Burö, start of 10k at Hjälvik bbeach, Brevi marina, Ersdalen nature area or Sandviken on Hönö, just to name a few. The swimrunners pass a number of places where you can see them with a view. You can also see large parts of the race from your own boat. For those of you who come by boat, however, we would like to appeal for help in facilitating the safety of the racers! Keep in mind that:
- Keep your distance and preferably downstream from the competitors
- Avoid passing the swim legs by boat. If you have to pass, go very slowly and pay close attention.
- The final sprint is incl. swimming in Hönö Klåva harbor - go slowly, keep your distance!

Pay attention to maritime traffic and pay attention to fairways!