RacePM 2021

Race PM – 10 Island Swimrun 2021

We look forward to have you all here, but keep in mind to plan your visit and make sure you get here in time as the ferry and traffic on the islands can easily get a little crowded with a lot of visitors a summer weekend. If you stay in Gothenburg you should know there is a direct ferry line to the islands. 

Late Registration 

There are a few available slots left in all classes. If you know someone who are willing to join you on short notice you can bring them to the swimrun. It’s possible to register late until 10:00 on the race day (as long as there are start kits left). 


08:30 – 11:00 Pick up race packs at Hönö Klåva race center  
08:30 Changing rooms open (Nordic Wellness)  
09:45 Shuttle Bus # 1 – 10 Island Swimrun Classic  
10:15 Shuttle Bus # 2 – 10 Island Swimrun Classic 
10:45 Race meeting at start area in Hälsö harbor  
10:50 Warm up with Nordic Wellness  
11:00 Start – 10 Island Swimrun Classic 
11:15 Shuttle Bus – 10 Island Swimrun 10k 
11:45 Race Meeting Hjälvi – 10 Island Swimrun 10k 
12:00 Start – 10 Island Swimrun 10k 
13:00-ish First 20K swimrunners crosses the finish line @Hönö Klåva 
13:45-ish First 10K swimrunners crosses the finish line @Hönö Klåva 
14:30 Award ceremony  
17:00 Changing Rooms closes (Nordic Wellness)  

Directions and parking

By car: 

**Note ** It is usually quite long queues to get on the ferry to Öckerö in good weather so plan to travel well in advance before the start  

To drive out to Hönö, you are heading 155 towards Öckerö. At Lilla Varholmen there is a yellow road network ferry that takes you to Hönö. Follow the road straight to the first roundabout and turn left. Follow the road and you will reach Hönö Klåva. For parking spaces see below:  

IMPORTANT: Do not park in front of the Olinders store.  


Your starting kit is collected at the race center at Hönö Klåva. Bring ID to collect.  

The start kit contains race vest, time chip, swim-cap. 

Changing to race gear 

Changing rooms are open at the Nordic Wellness gym at Östra Hamnen 1, Hönö. The door code is 1234 and is valid all day.  

There will be an unattended area for drop-off bags at the race area in Hönö Klåva. You are responsible for marking your bag. There is no possibility to leave things at the start area at Hälsö so change before you get on the bus!  


At the race center and at Nordic Wellness.  

At the start area you are welcome to use the Hälsö harbor toilets.  

There are also toilets at the public beaches along the race course at, Hjälvi, Saltars and at Hästens beaches.   

Transport to Race starts

Öckerö Bus handles transport from the race center and the start area. We need to drive you in two to three rounds depending on how many that are transporting themselves up to the starting area. It is important that you are on the bus you are planned for! There is no one checking if everyone has taken the buses: If you arrange to get to Hälsö by yourself you are also responsible to get back if you for example leave your car there. We do not arrange a bus back to the starting area after the finish.  

09:45 – Bus #1 – 10 Island 20K Classic (start number 1-90)

10:15 – Bus #2 – 10 Island 20K Classic  (start number 91-180)

11:15 – Bus 10 Island Swimrun – 10K (all participants)

Race meeting 

Race meeting is mandatory, at approx 20 minutes before the start. Attendance control may occur. 

The Race

All rules and regulations are here: http://10islandswimrun.com/regler/ (change language)


20K Classic

There are two rows and in the first is race / elite class. In the second row are anyone who have not registered for elite / race, and in the second row it’s seeding according to one’s own sense and ambition.  

It might get crowded during the first kilometer of 10 Island Classic but it’s nice with some race nerves and atmosphere as well. Keep in mind to be careful and polite to your fellow racers anyway! 

10K starts with a mass start and we let you selfseed so find a place at the start according to ambition. 

Course description 

The race course is marked by red and white markers, signs and orange arrows. 
The end of all swim legs is marked by a red flag where you should get out. Swim legs that also have boats crossing have white bouys. 
A map of the race courses can be found under the race description on the website here: 
Classic: http://10islandswimrun.com/classic/banbeskrivning-10-island-swimrun/ 
10K: http://10islandswimrun.com/10k/banbeskrivning-10-island-swimrun-10k/

Race staff/ security 

There will be race staff at each water exit as well as boats on the long swim legs. The race staff is dressed in special vests 

If you need help from the security boats in the water, try to make a pendulum motion with your arm to get attention and blow your whistle. 

As a general rule, directives from the race staff must be followed. 

Medics – First Aid 

The Swedish Home Guard are on site with a Medic group with both land and sea resources to take care of anyone injured. We will also have a Race Doctor on site in the race area if medical attention is required after the race. 

Mandatory Equipment 

  • One whistle per participant  
  • Timer chip attached to the right or left leg
  • Race vest with number that should be visible throughout the race  
  • Swim cap to wear while swimming  

Recommended Equipment 

  • Goggles 
  • Wetsuits 
  • Water / Energy reserve that lasts for at least two hours 
  • Energy gel // bar: there will be some “solid” energy at one of the energy stations, but you must carry the energy base with you 

Allowed Equipment 

Equipment that is allowed to carry in addition to the above equipment:  

  • Fins 
  • Cyclop/ snorkel  
  • Hand paddle 
  • pull rope 
  • Floating aids of max 32 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm

All equipment that you carry at the start must be carried to the goal, it is not allowed to throw equipment along the race course.  

Timing/ Live Results 

Along with the track there will be at least two intervals published live: https://my.raceresult.com/133559/results

Energy / Water stations

There are four water and energy stations along the course:  

– Burö ferry terminalBurö  

– Hjälvi beachÖckerö 

– ErsdalenHönö (also for 10K) 

– Sandviken, Hönö (also for 10K) 


It’s only allowed to receive external support at the water stations. 


We care about our environment, keep the islands clean. Throw your trash at the water stations in the waste bags. Nowhere else.   

Rope / Cut Off Time 

There will be two cut off times along the race, which means that participants who have not passed the following places at the given time will be forced to stop from finishing the race. This for the safety of the participants.  

13:30 Hjälvik beach
15:00 Last energy station at Sandviken 
16:0Last time to cross the Finish line  

DNF – Cancelling the race 

If, for any reason, you decide to not finish the race then get to the next water/energy station, where the race staff will ensure you are reported and get you help with transport back to the race area. 

After Race

Collection of race equipment 

After the finish, you will be instructed to return the race chip and your race vest. Race chips not returned will be charged with 500SEK.  


Are handed out after you finish. 

Award Ceremony

The Award Ceremony is held by the hotel at the Race Area around 15.00. 

Shower and Sauna

Shower and Sauna is available at Nordic Wellnes Hönö until 21.00.


There will be a really nice salad from Picadeli that awaits you at the finisk line.



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